A guidance for using Kizua


Members Registration: It needed to register with Kizuna, if you want to write down on the bulletin board or read some specific news.


A dismissal from membership: If you post notices below, your ID will be dismissed. Also, you will put your information on our Black List so that you cant use Kizuna anymore.


1.     Please do not copy and use the articles and photos on our web site without permission. Also, do not post stolen articles and photos from other site.(All things that infringe others intellectual property)


2.    An act of fraud(including mental and material resources)


3.    An act of offering the ID and password to others go get profits.


4.    Please do not criticize other people and write bad things.(Absolutely not allowed the libelous articles)


5.    Do not ask someone to buy your products and to join your group (No pyramid scheme)


6.    No violent and lewd, antisocial articles and photos. Also no articles and photos which is not proper to our site.


7.    The act of using others ID without permission.


8.    Do not suffering damage such as spread Virus and doing hacking.  


9.    No false advertising and positing.


If you not follow our guide, we will delete your ID without notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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