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Privacy Policy

As the one of running this site Kizuna, We (Achieve Co., Ltd) will keep our Private Policy below.


1. About using personal information
We only use your information for the inquiries to answer back and check the details. For this reason, we sometimes record your inquiries. 


2. About managing the information
We will keep your personal information carefully so that it can’t be leaked, broken and lost.


3. About offering the information
We will never offer your personal information to others.


4. About using information except the aforementioned clause.
When we use your information except the clause No. 1, we will inform you advance and ask you to get a permission. If you not allow it, we will not use your personal data.


5. About the disclosing, correcting and suspending
You have a right to ask us to disclose, correct and suspend your personal information.
(Exception : When the low provides that it can’t)
When you have any questions about this clause, please feel free to contact us.


6. About the choice of offering your data
Please make sure that it is your choice to register your personal data to our web site to check the other’s information and write down the articles. Please understand that some articles are not seen without registration.


Whenever you have questions, contact us below.
Tel : 03-3338-3518
Achieve Co., Ltd.
CEO Jiae Choi
1st fl. M Clean Bldg. Koeunji Kita Suginami-Ku Tokyo Japan 166-0002

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